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TASMAN MOTOCYCLE TRAINING offers all types of courses help you become better bikers. For new riders, we have the Bronze Course. For experienced riders, there is the Silver Course and the elite riders, can opt for the Gold Course. Click on the course you’d like more information about below.


The Bronze Course is an 8-hour motorcycle training course designed for beginners and intermediate riders to help them learn safe riding and become confident riders. This is also aimed at people having just a Learner’s licence as well as riders on Restricted Class 6 motorcycle licence who possess LAMS-approved motorcycles. Riders are given the experience of handling local roads as well as busy highways. This course is focused on NZTA’s Competency Based Training Assessment (CBTA) competencies and tasks, helps them to pass the Class 6CBTA Restricted or Full licence assessment.

The following aspects of training are incorporated into the Bronze Course:

  • Motorcycle positioning
  • Management of speeds
  • Progression
  • Stability / Smoothness

You will be guided towards developing the correct riding position on the road always. You will also be taught how to keep up with the traffic, accelerate, overtake – if you need to, apply proper gears, braking and stopping.


This 8-hour training course is meant for intermediate riders who want to prep their skills to the next level. It is also aimed at helping restricted riders get their full licence, apart from offering training in urban and highway or open-road riding. Participants will be given a glimpse of advanced riding and road-craft principles will be incorporated into the training regimen. The skills learnt in this course will help you become a more confident rider. Our training lessons are designed to help riders in pass their Class 6 CBTA full licence assessment.

The following aspects of training are incorporated into the Silver Course:

  • How to ride curves
  • Cornering techniques: Entry, apex and exit
  • About vanishing points and avoidance of obstacles
  • Motorcycle capability and tiye grip.
  • Overall, you will be riding curves and bends and learning how to tackle them, apart from learning about bodyweight and its relation to bike stability, and identification of hazards.

This is an 8-hour course, which helps enhance the skills of even the most experienced riders.

It offers a higher level of the syllabus, covering technical aspects such as braking and counter-steering. This also allows the rider to branch out into his preferred types of bikes like a Sports bike or Cruiser so that they can learn to handle their specific choice of motorcycles, each of which needs a different approach. Thus, we give you a course tailored to your choice of motorcycle, to suit your needs!

The following advanced training modules are incorporated into the Gold Course:

  • Group riding
  • Synchronised riding and developing formations
  • With Pillion rider
  • Carrying loads
  • Towing loads
  • Cornering technique (advanced)
  • Counter-steering
  • Braking in corners and curves
Nelson region has 2 ACC course providers. Click on the below logos to book your courses.

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